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Last week, we were investigating why American sovereign citizens are treated with threats of fines and arrest should we fail to jump to attention and scour our property for the junk a careless federal agency has dumped on our land when NASA could have politely requested the help of the citizens of Texas and Louisiana.

Why was their first instinct instead to resort to threats of force? And why, in contrast (we asked hypothetically), would they show so much more courtesy, respect and consideration to the representatives of the bloodthirsty butchers of Tiananmen Square, should they find need to request the return of something which had come to rest on the grounds of the Chinese embassy?

Some will reply this has nothing to do with any "principle" of sovereignty -- the U.S. government merely treats foreign embassies this way out of pragmatism, because it knows the safety of its own ambassadors overseas depends on such rules being followed to the letter.

Precisely. Once the kind of folks who think of themselves as "the government" have had a couple of generations to get used to their monopoly on armed force and coercion, they quickly tire of pretending to act as our "servants." They start to assume the attitude of thugs, bullies, street criminals and condottieri. Their first instinct is to do what they want and take what they want at gunpoint, using the "command voice."

Watch a cop disarm a peaceful and compliant driver who has a permit to carry a concealed weapon, before writing him a traffic ticket. Wouldn't it be more appropriate for our "servant" the policeman to take off his gun, unload it, and lay it on the hood of the car, "for the driver's safety," until he had concluded his business with his servant and master, the taxpayer/voter? After all, his quick computer background check has already revealed this driver to be one of the safest and most law-abiding and best-trained citizens out there -- those "pistol permits" don't come in Cracker Jack boxes, you know.

Only when they come up against equal or nearly equal force do these thugs back down, reconsider and try "negotiation."

So why do they no longer treat us American citizens as a sovereign power, as an armed force superior in every way to the federal government, willing and able to throw them out on their ears, just as Mr. Jefferson insisted in the Declaration was the right of all free men?

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